Black Ice

Short Film

Company: National Film and Television School

Data: January 2019

A British expedition to Antarctica goes terribly wrong. Carter and Williams must seek shelter in the hull of a ship where dark things are about to happen.

Gorefest (AKA Black Ice) is a horror film part of the SFX and prosthetics module at the NFTS, designed to make VFX artist more comfortable with real-world effects. I have been responsible for the overall project as VFX Supervisor both on set and in post-production, coordinating a 12 people team across CG, Comp and Colour. I’ve developed a Nuke Studio based pipeline and also had a directorial voice during the grading process. I personally comped both full or heavy CG shots improving my feel for photorealistic images.


  • Prep
  • On set Supervision
  • Rendering
  • Roto
  • Clean Up
  • CG Compositing


  • Nuke Studio
  • NukeX
  • Maya
  • Arnold
  • Deadline
  • fTrack