Feature Film

Company: PixelCartoon

Data: July 2017

Focusing on nomophobia – the fear of having no mobile phone contact – Sconnessi (lit. Disconnected), the second film by Christian Marazziti after E-bola (awarded Best General Interest and Social Commentary Film at Rome Film Fest in 2015). Dealing with this so-called 21st century affliction, with an estimated 66% of the population reported to be affected, are Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Ricky Memphis, Carolina Crescentini, Stefano Fresi and Antonia Liskova, who find themselves unexpectedly cut off from the outside world during an apparently relaxing weekend in the mountains, casting a light on their insecurities. The film also stars Eugenio Franceschini, Giulia Elettra Gorietti, Benedetta Porcaroli and Lorenzo Zurzolo.


  • Tracking and Matchmove
  • Clean Up
  • Roto
  • Matte Painting


  • NukeX
  • Photoshop